OACC Exhibition Proposal Submission
OACC supports Oakland/East Bay BIPOC artists whose works are rooted in exploring and uplifting community issues and experiences with particular interest in exhibitions that highlight one or more of these issue-areas:
- Immigration & refugee issues
- Gender, women, LGBTQ issues
- Gentrification and the role of art
- APIA cultural heritage
- Cross-racial, intergenerational dialogue
- Addressing anti-Blackness, anti-Asian biases & xenophobia
- Intersectionality of all the above

We also invite artists from other historically marginalized backgrounds including refugee, immigrant, LGBTQ and unhoused communities. 

Submitting this form does not guarantee exhibition space, but is intended to help start a conversation with OACC program staff to discuss further details about potentially showing your works in OACC's space. 

For further questions and clarification about showing your works at OACC, please email programs@oacc.cc.