Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a noted rise in reports of racism, violence, and discrimination against APIA communities throughout the country. Now more than ever, OACC's mission, commitment, and dedication towards the APIA community of artists, culture, and social justice is most important and critical to advance diversity and equality.

As a place-based organization that provides a wide array of culturally relevant and responsive services to our communities at our Center, OACC has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. We temporarily closed our doors due to the necessary shelter-in-place mandate, which has profoundly changed the programming schedule. As a result, the APIA artists and community partners we work with to provide quality programming have lost a platform to share valuable educational and creative content. The closing of space has placed a significant strain on our resources, including the rental programs at our center, which makes up 42% of our revenue that supports operations and programs as matching funds to grant awards.


Despite the setbacks, OACC’s team has nimbly adjusted to develop community-spirited virtual content in light of COVID-19. This includes weekly Virtual Taichi Sessions and transitioning to hosting online events, such as “Our Communities, Climate Change, and COVID-19,” a panel discussion held in partnership with Eastwind Books of Berkeley. The shift to online programs allows us to serve our audience and stay engaged with artists and community voices even during these uncertain times.


As we anticipate serious financial challenges this fiscal year, we are reaching out to our beloved community, our donors, local government agencies and philanthropic partners to help OACC to sustain its mission. As a friend of the OACC, you can help ensure that OACC is able to continue to provide pivotal, critical programming that has supported our East Bay API communities for more than 36 years. Our hope is to raise a minimum of $20K by the end of June 2020, in order to ensure that we are able to continue to provide pivotal, critical programming that has supported our East Bay API communities for more than 36 years. Please donate to OACC! Any gift, no matter how big or small can make a huge difference to advance OACC’s mission to build a stronger, more vibrant community through robust arts, cultural, and social justice programming to connect different generations, cultures, and identities.

Donate any amount to receive a special-made OACC Quarantine Activity Booklet fun for all ages!